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Welcome on my home page. I'm a computer scientist (Msc University of Twente, Netherlands) employed at Portavita B.V. in Amsterdam. This web page lists some things I think might be interesting to others.

IB 131 Vocabulary - google and wikipedia mashup 
   Webcast.berkeley.edu hosts a number of courses among which IB131 General Human Anatomy. I found myself repeatedly googling anatomical terms, and most of the time the results on wikipedia.org gave useful information. This page automates the google searches on wikipedia and presents the results in a tabular form, together with google's short summeries of the page.
Translating a first-order modal language to relational algebra  (PDF)
   This paper is about Kripke structures that are inside a relational database and queried with a modal language. At first the modal language that is used is introduced, followed by a definition of the database and relational algebra. Based on these definitions two things are presented: a mapping from components of the modal structure to a relational database schema and instance, and a translation from queries in the modal language to relational algebra queries.
A modal logic of the HL7v3 RIM
   Work in progress..
   A workflow engine for Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g, written in PL/SQL and mostly confirming to specs from the WfMC. See the project page
Masters project
   Representing a social insurance law in OpenCyc see the project page.
Oracle OpenCyc Interface
   The Oracle OpenCyc interface enables two things: - Oracle can copy facts like 'Bill is a human' into OpenCyc. - Oracle can query OpenCyc for 'is Bill two-legged'. Application interface that enables access to the large OpenCyc common sense knowledge base from SQL, PL/SQL and Java.
- Documentation Oracle OpenCyc Interface (PDF).
- Download ooi-0.71.tar.gz.
- Browse the CVS tree at SourceForge.net.
Miscellaneous things
- OpenCyc formulasheet in Z notation. (needs a bit work but most things are ok)
- Funny picture displaying correlation between types of things on shopping lists.
- Mooie dingen van kastanjehout vind je op Havinga Kastanjehout!


email: yepster@users.sourceforge.net

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