Representatie van sociale zekerheidswetgeving
in het kennissysteem OpenCyc

Master's project.

Report (1MB pdf, language = dutch)


This report describes commonsense reasoning and story understanding applied to the domain of social insurance legislation. The question to be answered, is to what extent the commonsense reasoning engine OpenCyc can answer questions about the Personal Budget. By implementing the formal law `Regeling Persoonsgebonden Budget 2002' and Roger Schank's script theory in OpenCyc, the research question is answered. This report also describes the application of Schank's explanation pattern theory to dialogues about the Personal Budget, in order to provide the user with information that is helpful but not asked for. OpenCyc can answer carefully constructed questions about the Personal Budget and can infer new knowledge based on reference to a script. It is not possible to answer questions asked in natural language.


Look at the CDROM for source of the scriptbot, and the world file of OpenCyc. Appendix E of the report contains (dutch) instructions for installing the scriptbot.